Enhancing Cybersecurity at a Nuclear Power Plant


A Nuclear Power Plant was facing a critical challenge of protecting its infrastructure segments due to a lack of data protection solution and unidirectional data transfer system. The plant needed to conduct an audit to improve the protection of significant production segments and raise employees’ cybersecurity awareness.


To address the challenges, a comprehensive approach was implemented which included the following solutions:

• Analyzing security architecture and data transfer networking of the critical infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks.
• Complying risk maps, threat and intruder models to create a framework for risk assessment and management.
• Designing and implementing a new generic IS architecture subsystem that provided an additional layer of security and improved the data transfer process.
• Updating IS and incidents investigations documents to ensure that incident response procedures were in place and could be executed effectively.
• Designing a security awareness training course for personnel dealing with the critical infrastructure to raise their awareness about the updated data protection system.


As a result of the renewed communication center of the critical infrastructure and updated IS documents, the Nuclear Power Plant multiplied a new successful experience of modelling across other plants with minimal costs. The training program also proved to be effective, reducing the number of IS incidents in technologic segments of the corporate network by 34%.


By implementing a comprehensive approach that included analyzing the security architecture, designing and implementing a new IS architecture subsystem, and creating a security awareness training program, the Nuclear Power Plant was able to significantly improve its cybersecurity posture. The solutions implemented not only improved the protection of critical infrastructure segments but also helped the plant to multiply its successful experience across other plants with minimal costs.

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Order an express audit of your company's security systems