Developing an IS Awareness Training Course to Reduce IS Incidents and Risks


The client, a company facing frequent IS incidents, required a solution to reduce IS risks and improve staff awareness of basic IS requirements. The task was to develop an IS awareness training course to educate the staff on identifying internet fraud, recognize phishing letters, and other methods of IS risks.


The project began by analyzing the IS organization and administrative management system. Methodologists were involved to help develop a training course based on the obtained data. The course was designed to be informative and engaging to ensure staff retention of the knowledge presented.


More than 500 staff members took the course within two months. After completing the course, the staff underwent examinations to confirm and consolidate their knowledge. The staff learned to recognize phishing letters and other methods of internet fraud, as well as improved their knowledge of basic IS requirements. As a result, the number of IS incidents reduced by several times due to staff being able to identify and prevent potential IS risks.


Developing an IS awareness training course was a successful solution for the client’s IS incident issues. The training course allowed the staff to gain knowledge on how to identify and prevent potential IS risks, reducing the number of incidents faced by the company. The client was satisfied with the outcome of the project, and their staff was well equipped to handle potential IS risks.

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Order an express audit of your company's security systems