Detecting cybersecurity threats

Paratus experts permanently support the company’s cybersecurity system, promptly detect, evaluate and eliminate threats. They prevent data leaks, confidentiality, data completeness and accessibility violations.

  • Detecting and eliminating vulnerabilities.

Responding to cybersecurity threats

We protect from unsanctioned access, data leaks, data damage or destruction. We detect vulnerabilities and promptly eliminate them. Conducting prevention activities on the topic of cyber threats

Ensuring utmost protection even in cases of serious data security breach: our experts help eliminate the consequences with minimal risks for the company. Conducting a thorough investigation, eliminating causes, gathering facts and evidence for the court

  • Disrupting attempts of unsanctioned access and misuse of the resources
  • Detecting and eliminating vulnerabilities
  • Creating a plan of action in case of serious cybersecurity breach and dismissal of the real threat
  • Creating and conducting trainings on how to react to cybersecurity threats
  • Incorporating measures of preventing cyber threats
  • Teaching how to react correctly to incidents in the sphere of data security
  • Determining the nature and the circumstances of incidents
  • Eliminating consequences of the incidents
  • Investigating the incidents, proposing necessary prevention measures
  • Gathering information on the incident to use in court.

Supporting security system

Paratus experts constantly monitor security system, manage the threats and vulnerabilities. They sustain stable operation without malfunction or leaks, detect breaches, and react to threats and incidents.

  • Monitoring security system: we supervise key business processes and changes in business processes, control breach detection, requirements fulfilment, and efficiency of system functionality.
  • Managing threats and vulnerabilities: we monitor invasions, detect malicious programs, manage data security, react to incidents, and manage assets.

Corporate cyber threats

Order an express audit of your company's security systems

Order an express audit of your company's security systems