Cyber Immunity: Building resilience against cyber threats in the UAE

Alexandr Bychkov
Alexander Bychkov, CEO, Paratus cyber security services

There is a growing concern on ever-increasing cyber threats faced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and highlight the proactive measures taken by the country to protect its digital landscape. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security for the Government, reveals the astonishing statistic that the UAE successfully deters up to 50,000 cyberattacks per day, underscoring the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures across industries.

Paratus, a leading cybersecurity provider focuses on empowering organizations in the UAE to defend against cyber risks. Aleksandr Bychkov, CEO of Paratus, emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in the ever-evolving digital world and outlines the company’s dedication to fortifying businesses.

There are some essential steps organizations must take to build resilience against cyber threats, including conducting thorough assessments to identify vulnerabilities and tailoring defense mechanisms accordingly. Collaboration with trusted security partners, such as Paratus, is highlighted as a crucial element in implementing effective cybersecurity measures. Moreover, this explores various components of a robust cybersecurity framework, including proactive monitoring, incident response planning, and employee awareness and training programs.

By adopting these measures, businesses can strengthen their cybersecurity posture, protect their critical assets, and mitigate the potential consequences of cyberattacks on their financial stability, reputation, and customer trust.

Corporate cyber threats

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Order an express audit of your company's security systems