Building the system

On the basis of the best practices in the world, proprietary methodology and client’s requirements, we develop a strategy and build optimal cybersecurity architecture. We incorporate and configure identification and access management.


We design and manage a reliable cybersecurity system that protects the company from the external threats, ensures work and technical processes continuity without the possibility of unsanctioned access and data loss.


  • Analyzing company’s requirements
  • Building an optimal data security architecture
  • Creating a common infrastructure of security services
  • Forming a methodology of incorporating security ensuring measures
  • Analyzing the code and life-cycle of computer software development (SDLC)
  • Developing a data security strategy
  • Designing data security system
  • Creating security development program for 1, 3, and 5 years
  • Implementing projects on data system improvement, network infrastructure, telecommunication systems, and automation
  • Creating protection for communication systems and mobile phones, as well as for web-resources and cloud services
  • Managing data security system life-cycle
  • Standardizing program and technical solutions.

Developing local regulatory documents

Experts of the Paratus company will assume the responsibility of managing documentation and reporting of the company in the sphere of cybersecurity. Developing and controlling the relevance of local regulatory documents, preparing data security reports.

  • Developing, incorporating and actualizing local regulatory documents.
  • Making reports on data security.

Training company employees

Sustainable workflow without data leaks or unsanctioned access cannot be provided if the employees do not have the knowledge of data security and how to deal with it correctly. Our experts develop a set of measures and programs that raise employees’ awareness, provide teaching and training on the topic of data security.

  • Verifying employees’ awareness in matters of data security
  • Developing procedures of raising employees’ awareness in the area of cybersecurity
  • Providing teaching and training on the topic of data security.

Ensuring physical security

Data leaks and losses often occur as a result of insufficient security of company’s physical infrastructure. Paratus experts verify and analyse physical data security, and ensure complex protection and access control.

  • Formulating suggestions on physical security of data security resources
  • Developing suggestions on the usage of security and access control
  • Proposing changes in local regulatory acts on the protection of data security resources and providing access.

Managing risks

In order to manage cybersecurity risks, it is necessary to know and control them. Paratus company experts conduct a complex analysis of risks and data security systems and prepare a detailed report on its basis along with suggestions. The experts help increase cybersecurity system efficiency.

  • Analyzing data security risks for the company
  • Evaluating completeness of data security system
  • Preparing suggestions on increasing the efficiency of data security system
  • Creating investment planning
  • Proposing organizational changes to improve company’s data security.

Corporate cyber threats

Order an express audit of your company's security systems

Order an express audit of your company's security systems